Last weekend, I sat down to get going on exercising my right to comment on pipelines, dams and suction dredging, and this was the map that my mind issued.


Today, I’m again surfing my caffeine surge and dedicating my Saturday morning to doing something about a few of the world’s many injustices. My to-do list is actually much longer than this, but I wanted to share with you a convergence of opportunities to protect our gorgeous rivers around this state and this country. They need our immediate attention. Please join me – here’s how.

River Gorgeous To-Do List:

  1. Find ways to voice peaceful protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and all pipelines that threaten clean water. Today: Call on Wells Fargo to divest from DAPL, in solidarity with these guys. I called these numbers: Arcata branch – (707) 822-3642, Eureka branch – (707) 443-4542, Dedicated Wells Fargo DAPL feedback line – 1-844-931-2273. Let’s insist on corporate accountability and social responsibility. My takeaways from today’s conversations with bank representatives: (1) They aren’t hearing from us enough. (2) Wells Fargo employees are concerned about the impacts of DAPL. (3) Wells Fargo is falling back on lending practice regulations as a defense, encouraging concerned citizens to call Congresspeople and lending regulators for enforcement of existing regulations and/or changes in lending practice regulations.  Tomorrow: Call again. Day after tomorrow: call again to register concern. Tuesday: Think about who you know who has a Wells Fargo account. This could be an individual, a business, a municipality, a union or so on. Talk to them. Empower them with information and support to close their account. Wednesday: Write comments on the scope of the DAPL EIS that is getting underway and add them to the record. Address your comments to: Mr. Gib Owen, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, 108 Army Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310-0108. Use the subject heading “NOI Comments, Dakota Access Pipeline Crossing.” E-mail your comments to
  2. Write and submit comments supporting Clean Water Act section 401 water quality permits for removal of four aging and harmful Klamath dams. These are due by Feb 1. After more than a decade of advocating for decommissioning these environmental albatrosses that block more than half our 300-mile river system to salmon migration and spawning, we can’t let our foot off the pedals now. We are on the verge of a major breakthrough. This is an example of something we can get right locally, in spite of all the retrogressions we are witnessing on larger scales.
  3. Write and submit comments about the negative impacts of suction dredging on our streams and the aquatic life they support. We call this the Stop Miners From Sucking (up river bottom and spitting it back out downstream) campaign. We are only half joking. Here’s some background. You’ll have to actually go outside the bounds of social media, but trust me, your input carries more weight that way. Open a document, address your comments to the right place with the right subject line, and write a paragraph or two opposing hobby gold-mining at the expense of rivers, fish, concerned citizens like you and me, and indigenous peoples.  Address your comments to State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Water Quality – NPDES Unit, P.O. Box 100, Sacramento, CA 95812-0100. Entitle your comments “Discussions Concerning Potential Actions To Protect Water Quality From Suction Dredge Mining.” Send them to
  4. Get in some cold water in solidarity with the good guys in the Potomac watershed today!