If I’m really honest with myself and all of you, it’s been a tough couple of months in my reality. There have been some bright spots, sure.

Learning to make mushroom cobbler from the kitchen crew at one of the best restaurants around and then quadrupling its scale and making it happen with lots of local mushrooms in a local brick oven in a friend’s yard to serve to hundreds of locals in support of a local non-profit angling to restore the Klamath River was cool. Grabbing my OCD bull by the horns and beginning to reverse bad habits years in the programming before hearing someone describe me on the radio and self diagnosing – that was empowering. Coffee with my brother and watching the unbelievable rise of this Warriors team has been fun.

But it can be hard to see past the waves when you’re down in the trough. And that’s where I’m at.

In these situations, I remind myself:

Without the lows, we wouldn’t have the highs.

You (and you alone) got yourself through food poisoning on an all night layover through Mexico City. You can get yourself through anything.

How does your pep talk go?