I know it’s a New Year, but down here below the equator where lilacs are blooming and then it’s rainy season, hearing about snowboarding in the meadow back home, what’s one more seasonal marker anyhow, especially in light of all the climate changing we’ve gone and exacerbated?

The point is, I hope you are all happy, healthy, warm, dry, remembered and loved. I certainly love and remember you all the more, being away. Missing home while simultaneously enjoying where you are far from home is an art I’m continually striving to get better at. When I think about this, I feel profoundly grateful to have a home worth missing.

You probably noticed that I have fallen way behind in my blogging. Don’t worry, I’m alive and well! I’ve got a week of down time here in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and I intend to use it to catch you all up on my adventures to date before returning to La Paz, meeting my good friend Cienna at last and crossing over into Peru.

Happy New Year, wherever you are, and get ready for a good long draught of River Gorgeous!