“Backwards reels the sentence until forwards reels the mind,” my dad’s college journalism prof used to say. Bless him. I don’t think he meant the fishing kind of reels.

Another important person in my life regularly reverts to the saying “hindsight’s 20/20.” He did have fish in mind when he said it, at least remotely. Mostly, when I heard him use it, he meant that we should accept a negotiated outcome as the best we could do at the time and move on, since predicting the future is futile.

If there really is a forward and backwards in life, it means something different to everyone, I’ve concluded. That said, there are some things we can know as groups of people. For instance, if we allow Republicans’ money to win the elections this November, our country will end up in an age darker than any our planet has seen yet.

The more I hit my head against the walls of ignorance, narrow mindedness, and corporate greed,  the more determined I am to cast out into the past and the future to reel back in a better present.

Is your head spinning yet? Mine is.